OT-2 Dual Flow Chromatography Protein Purification Workstation

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About the product

With the OT-2 Dual Flow Chromatography (DFC) Protein Purification Workstation, you can automate your small-scale protein purification and proteomics sample processing. This Opentrons Protein Purification Workstation uses Biotage PhyTip columns to perform dual flow chromatography-based protein purification.

The OT-2 DFC Protein Purification Workstation can support the following workflow steps:

  • Reagent plate preparation
  • Dual flow chromatography using PhyTip columns

Review the PhyTip columns available for use with the OT-2 on the Biotage website (PhyTip columns must be purchased separately from the OT-2 DFC Protein Purification Workstation).



Quantity Description
1 OT-2
1 Single Channel GEN2 Pipette (P300)
1 Multi-Channel GEN2 Pipette (P300)
2 Opentrons 300ul Tip Racks (9,600 tips)
1 4-in-1 Tube Rack Set
1 NEST 12-Well Reservoir 15 ml (50 count)
1 NEST 96-Well Plate Flat (100 count)
N/A Biotage PhyTip columns sold separately
1 Custom Protocol Development (standard turnaround time)

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