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OT-2 PCR Workstation

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About the product

The Opentrons OT-2 PCR Workstation is a high-precision, open-source liquid handler designed to automate your PCR, library and sample prep, reagent distribution, and bead processing as well as general biochemical and genomic transfers in your PCR application. This liquid handling station is used to automate hundreds of protocols and workflows in PCR and Synthetic Biology assays using any leading reagent or bead based system in the market.

Quantity Description
1 OT-2
1 Aluminum Block Set
2 Temperature Module
1 Single Channel Gen 2 Pipette (P300)
1 Single Channel Gen 2 Pipette (P1000)
1 8-channel Channel Gen 2 Pipette (P20)
19,200 Opentrons 20ul Filter Tips Racks
19,200 Opentrons 200ul Filter Tips Racks
19,200 Opentrons 1000ul Filter Tips Racks
50 NEST 12-well reservoirs
100 NEST 96-well plate 100 uL PCR
100 NEST 96-well plate 200 uL flat
500 NEST 2.0 mL Microcentrifuge Tube
3 Custom Protocol Development

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