Opentrons Flex Waste Chute GEN1

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About the product

The Opentrons Flex Waste Chute occupies position D3 and is used to accept waste such as tips, tip racks, and plates in high volumes. The gripper will pick up the consumable and dispose it into the chute based on your workflow needs. The waste chute is neccesary for all high-throughput workflows and can be paired with the Opentrons Flex Deck Expansion Set to maximize the throughput capabilities of the Opentrons Flex. The following consumables can disposed of into the waste chute:


- NEST 2 mL Deep Well Plate, V Bottom

- Opentrons Tough 0.2 mL 96-Well PCR Plate, Full Skirt

- NEST 96 well Plate Flat

- All Opentrons Flex tip racks

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