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Opentrons Flex PCR Workstation

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*This item is available for pre-order and will ship in 10 weeks. Contact your sales rep for more details. Product available in the continental US only.

With the Flex PCR Workstations, you can automate your PCR setup and thermocycling at the scale you need to increase efficiency, reduce errors, and save hands-on time. Configure your workstation with our on-deck Thermocycler for end-to-end automation, or with no Thermocycler for automated PCR setup with off-deck thermocycling.

This workstation is available with a 1- and 8-Channel pipette with shipments beginning in August 2023. A configuration with one 96-Channel pipette will be available later this year.

This workstation can be used for the following applications:
- PCR setup
- Thermocycling

Automate from 8 to 96 samples with the 1- & 8-Channel configurations or 96+ samples** with the 96-Channel configuration.


Component 1- & 8-Channel Config. Quantity 96-Channel Config. Quantity
Opentrons Flex Robot 1 1
Opentrons Flex Gripper GEN1 1 1
Opentrons Flex 1-Channel Pipette (1-50 µl) 1 N/A
Opentrons Flex 8-Channel Pipette (1-50 µl) 1 N/A
Opentrons Flex 96-Channel Pipette (5-1000 µl) N/A 1
Temperature Module GEN2 with Opentrons Flex Caddy and Calibration Adapter 1 1
Opentrons Flex Waste Chute GEN1 1 1
4-in-1 Tube Rack Set 1 1
Opentrons Flex Filter Tip, 50 µL (20 racks) 4 9
Opentrons Flex Filter Tip, 50 µL (20 refills) 1 1
NEST 2.0 mL Microcentrifuge Tube (500 count) 1 1
NEST 12-Well Reservoirs, 15 mL (50 count) 1 1
NEST 1-Well Reservoirs, 195 mL (50 count) N/A 50
Opentrons Tough 0.2 mL 96-Well PCR Plate, Full Skirt (25 count) 2 2
Remote Protocol Development, Simple Workflows 1 1

Customize your Flex PCR Workstation to fit your workflow by adding on the following at 10% savings:
- Thermocycler GEN2 with Opentrons Flex Caddy
- A 2nd Temperature Module GEN2 with Opentrons Flex Caddy

**Workstation can be used to automate 96 samples of PCR setup and on-deck thermocycling, or 192 samples of PCR setup (i.e., with off-deck thermocycling).

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