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Calibration Block

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Product Details

The complementary calibration block ships with an OT-2 purchase. 

US and international lead time is 10 days. Lead time increases to 3 weeks if ordered with a robot.

The Opentrons Calibration Block is a tool used during Tip Length Calibration and when leveling 8-channel pipettes. It provides a flat surface parallel to the OT-2’s deck that all pipettes can reach.

To use this Calibration Block with your robot, your Opentrons App and
OT-2 must be on software version 4.0 or higher.

If the Opentrons App does not prompt you to use the Calibration Block
during Tip Length Calibration, navigate to More > Advanced Settings:
Tip Length Calibration Settings. Select “Always use Calibration Block to

For more information about how and when to use the Calibration Block,
visit: opentrons.com/support/calibration_block

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