Heater-Shaker Module

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About the product

The Opentrons® Heater-Shaker Module provides on-deck heating and orbital shaking of microplates. The module can be heated to 95C, and can shake samples from 200 to 3000 rpm. It is compatible with a number of deep-well and 96-well plates. The Heater-Shaker can be used simultaneously with other Opentrons modules on your Opentrons platform.

Warranty: https://support.opentrons.com/en/articles/736748-our-warranty


  • Orbital shaking range of 200 to 3000 rpm
  • Temperature range of ambient to 95ºC 
  • Active clamping and automated locking on plate sides to secure precious samples
  • Fixed home position allows robot to accurately access microplate wells
  • Programmable through Python API and Protocol Designer, or operate directly from the Opentrons App
  • Compatible with ANSI/SLAS compliant consumables 
  • One plate adapter of your choice included: 


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