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Universal 10ul Tip Racks and Refills - 92,160 Tips

$ 3,500.00

Product Details

Product Details

Universal 10uL Tips Racks and Refills - 92,160 Tips

  • Contains 160 Tip Racks and 800 Tip Refills
  • Each Tip Rack and Tip Refill contains 96 tips, for a total of 92,160 tips
  • Comes with a custom Opentrons adapter designed to easily and securing fit on the deck of your OT-2 robots
  • Universal Tip Racks can be easily refilled with Universal Tip Refills sold by Opentrons

Universal Tips

  • 10uL Tips are optimized for pipetting 1 to 10uL
  • For use with Opentrons Electronic Pipettes - P10
  • Compatible with Opentrons robots, as well as, most manual pipettes
  • Hardened and optimized for automated liquid handling
  • Affordably priced, particularly compared to other similar quality tips for automated liquid handling

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