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Temperature Module (GEN2)

$ 3,000.00

Product Details

US and international lead time is 10 days. Lead time increases to 3 weeks if ordered with a robot.


The Temperature Module is a hot and cold plate module. It sits securely on the deck of the OT-2 and holds reagents at temperatures between 4°C and 95°C.


  • Includes aluminum block to hold labware including 1.5mL tubes, 2mL tubes, and PCR strips
  • Standard size capable of holding 96-well plates and other labware on-deck
  • NOTE: it is highly recommended that users place water between aluminum thermal blocks and plastic well tubes, strips and/or plates​




  • Dimensions (w/block); 1194 x 90 x 126mm (l/w/h)
  • Weight: 3.3 lbs / 1.5 kg
  • Voltage: 36, 6.1A (220W max)
  • VAC Current: 100-240, 50/60Hz

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