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Nucleic Acid Cleanup Workstation

$ 11,340.00

Product Details

US and non-US lead time is 3 weeks. 

Everything you need for Size Selection Cleanup, simply load your reagents on the robot and hit 'run’—watch the robot do cleanups for you.


  • Fully automated cleanup
  • <$1 / purification
  • 96 purifications in 1.5 hours
  • <15 min hands-on prep

Kit Includes:

  • OT-2 (lab automation platform)
  • Magnetic Module GEN2
  • P300 8-Channel Pipette GEN2
  • P300 Single Channel Pipette GEN2
  • Omega Mag-Bind TotalPure NGS Kit (5ml)
  • 200 µL Tip Rack (incl. 9600 Filtered Tips)
  • NEST 96-well PCR Plate, Full Skirt (6x)
  • NEST 12-Well Reservoirs, 15 mL (3x)
  • NEST 2.0 mL Micro-centrifuge Tube (10x)

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