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FusX Automated TALEN Kit

$ 3,000.00

Product Details

The Lifengine FusX Kit is the world’s first all-inclusive, in house, automated gene editor production system. Input your DNA target sequence to Mix.Bio, place the FusX Part Plates on your OT-One S, and hit ‘run’ to construct your custom TALEN. The Lifengine FusX kit based on the pFusX system developed at the Mayo Clinic and published in the Journal of Human Gene Therapy.  

Kit includes:

64 FusX1 plasmids, 64 FusX2 plasmids, 64 FusX3 plasmids, 64 FusX4 plasmids, 64 FusB3 plasmids, 16 FusB2 plasmids, 4 pLR plasmids, 3 receiver plasmids

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