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Cell Culture Workstation

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Everything you need to automate routine cell culture, including pipetting steps, temperature control, and a HEPA filter to create a clean-air environment.

  • On-deck media exchange minimizes risk of contamination
  • Works with all configurations of the OT-2 robot and modules
  • Save hours of time by automating routine labwork

Workstation Includes:

  • OT-2 (lab automation platform)
  • HEPA Module
  • Temperature Module GEN2
  • P1000 Single Channel Pipette GEN2
  • P300 8-Channel Pipette GEN2
  • 200 µL Tip Rack (incl. 9600 Filtered Tips)
  • 0.1ml 96 Well Flat Bottom Cell Culture Plate, Clear, H1 notch, 25/pk, 100/cs
  • 4-in-1 tube rack set

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