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Arcis Sample Prep Kit

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US and international lead time is 10 days. Lead time increases to 3 weeks if ordered with a robot.

Arcis reagents are an ultra-fast sample preparation system for the preparation of DNA and RNA, with the added benefit of preserving and protecting nucleic acids for up to 90 days (DNA) without temperature control and without any additional processing. The kits have been demonstrated effectively on whole blood, blood plasma, cell cultures, sputum and many other sample types. The nucleic acids are suitable for direct use in PCR, qPCR and RT-qPCR reactions using standard and fast cycling protocols

Use with any Opentrons protocol to add simple, two-step nucleic acid extraction upstream of any workflow!

  • Two reagent, two step protocol makes for very fast and simple workflow
  • Works for both DNA and RNA
  • Includes RNA preservation / stabilization agents
  • Suitable for most sample types
  • Significant cost and time savings compared to spin-column based methods

*Only shipping to USA at this time

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