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OT-2 NGS Workstation

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About the product

The Thermocycler Module will ship in June 2023

With the Opentrons® OT-2 NGS Workstation, you can automate your library prep and pre-sequencing workflows using any leading reagent system on the market, including fragmentation- and tagmentation-based workflows.

The OT-2 NGS Workstation can support the following workflow steps:

  • Library Construction
  • Library & Sample Prep
  • Bead Clean Ups
  • Tagmentation & Transformation
  • Normalization and Pooling


Included in the workstation:

Quantity Product
1 OT-2
1 Magnetic Module
1 Temperature Module
1 Thermocycler Module
1 8-Channel Gen 2 Pipette (P20)
1 8-Channel Gen 2 Pipette (P300)
2 Opentrons 20ul Filter Tips Racks (9,600 tips)
2 Opentrons 200ul Filter Tips Racks (9,600 tips)
1 NEST 12-well reservoirs (50 count)
1 Tough 0.2 mL 96-Well PCR Plate (25 count)
1 NEST 2.0 mL Microcentrifuge Tube (500 count)
1 Custom protocol development (standard turnaround time)

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