Opentrons Remote Custom Protocol Development

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About the product

By purchasing Remote Custom Protocol Development, you get the following benefits for your Opentrons system:

  • Actual Protocol Development (remote)
  • 2 Week Turnaround Time (from time of purchase)
  • Protocol Installation (remote)
  • Personalized instructions for deck and reagent setup
  • Code validation by a Field Applications Scientist before delivery
  • Unlimited protocol optimization by an AE within one week of initial script delivery (within four business hours)
  • Opt-in or opt-out to sharing with the Opentrons community in our Protocol Library

To determine the Remote Custom Protocol Development option that would work best for your protocol, please reference the following guidelines:

Complexity Price Description
Complex Workflows $2,250 Typically require complex API command handling for high-level robot control and a longer time for protocol optimizations. Example applications are NGS, nucleic acid purification, nucleic acid extraction, protein expression, purification, etc. (If the assay requires the magnetic module, please use this option).
Moderately Complex Workflows $1,750 Typically require API command handling but moderate optimizations. Example applications might include ELISA, protein crystallization, Bradford Assays or BCA assays, transfection or transformation assays, drug discovery, MALDI spotting, microarray prep, flow cytometry, complex serial dilutions, workflows with multiple variables, or workflows with highly unique plate maps.
Simple Workflows $1,250 Typically require basic API functions and requires little development time and minimal optimizations. Example applications might include PCR setup, sample aliquoting, normalizations, cherry-picking, CSV file handling, media exchange, and mass spec sample preparation.
Amendments $750 Amendments to existing protocols in the Protocol Library.

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