Opentrons Protect

SKU: 224-OT

About the product

Opentrons® Protect is our extended 12 month warranty providing assurance that your robot is always in excellent condition.

Your robot comes with our standard, one year factory warranty. Opentrons® Protect provides and additional year of coverage, for a total of 2-year coverage. After this 2 years, we recommend our Care or Care Plus contract for continuous contract coverage of your robot. This contract is available to both domestic and international customers.

Opentrons Protect is a warranty extension that covers:

- One Additional Year of Factory Warranty For Your Robot*
- One Additional Year of Factory Warranty For Modules

Opentrons Service Contracts are instrument-specific and are tracked by serial numbers. Please ensure you enter the correct serial number for the products that you want covered.

* Pipettes are not included in Opentrons Protect. Pipettes have a single year warranty and we recommend replacement on an annual basis to maintain optimal pipetting performance.

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