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NGS Workstation

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About the product

The Opentrons NGS Workstation is an open-source liquid handling system that automates  sample and library prep, reagent distribution, bead processing, and general biochemical and genomic transfers in your NGS and PCR applications. 

This workstation automates protocols and workflows using any leading reagent or magnetic bead-based system in the market with accuracy and precision at the fraction of the cost.

This workstation can be used for the following applications:

  • Next Generation Sequencing (NGS)
  • PCR
  • Synthetic Biology
  • Sample & Library Preparation
  • Bead based Processing
  • General liquid handling and reagent distribution

Each Opentrons NGS Workstation comes with the following hardware, consumables and options to build your protocol.  Use this workstation with the Opentrons Protocol Designer or Python API to perform your NGS assay the same day you unbox your robot.

Included in the workstation:

1 OT-2
1 Magnetic Module
2 Temperature Module
1 GEN 1 Thermocycler
1 Single Channel Gen 2 Pipette (P20)
1 Single Channel Gen 2 Pipette (P300)
1 Single Channel Gen 2 Pipette (P1000)
1 8-channel Channel Gen 2 Pipette (P300)
19,200 Opentrons 20ul Filter Tips Racks
19,200 Opentrons 200ul Filter Tips Racks
19,200 Opentrons 1000ul Filter Tips Racks
50 NEST 12-well reservoirs
100 NEST 96-well plate 100 uL PCR
500 NEST 2.0 mL Microcentrifuge Tube
3 Custom Protocol Development

Application Notes

  1. Automating DNA Library Prep Small Genomes Illumina Prep Kit
  2. Sequence Ready Library Preparation Fully Automated For Microbial And Human DNA Template
  3. Rapid High Quality Next Generation Sequencing Library Preparation With Swift 2S™ Turbo DNA Library Kits On The Opentrons OT-2

See Takara BioScience and ThermoFisher link for sample execution

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