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NGS Library Prep Workstation

$ 16,200.00

Product Details

Everything you need for NGS library prep. Simply load your reagents on the robot and hit 'run’—and let the workstation automate your NGS library prep from end to end.

  • 8 samples in 2hrs 50min
  • <$30 / sample for reagents + consumables
  • On-deck PCR eliminates mid-run human intervention
  • <15 minutes hands-on prep

    Workstation Includes:

    • OT-2 (lab automation platform)
    • Thermocycler Module
    • Magnetic Module GEN2
    • Temperature Module GEN2
    • P20 Single Channel Pipette GEN2
    • P300 8-Channel Pipette GEN2
    • Aluminum Block Set
    • Omega Mag-Bind TotalPure NGS Kit (5ml)
    • Swift 2S Turbo DNA Library Kit (24 rxns)
    • Swift 2S Turbo Unique Dual Indexing Primer Kit (96 rxns)
    • 20 µL Tip Racks (incl. 9600 Filtered Tips)
    • 200 µL Tip Rack (incl. 9600 Filtered Tips)
    • 0.1ml 96 Well PCR Plate, Full Skirt, Clear, H1 notch, 25/pk, 100/cs
    • 2.0ml Self Standing Screw Cap Micro-centrifuge Tubes, with Sealing Ring, Sterile, 1000/pk, 2000/cs
    • Reservoir, multi well, 12 channel troughs, high profile (15ml, No Cap), Non-Sterile, 10/pk, 50/cs

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