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$ 5,000.00

Left Pipette
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Introducing the all-new OT-2—your personal pipetting robot 

US and international lead time is 5 weeks.

Note: First-time robot purchasers receive the first pipette free. The cost of single-channel pipette will be credited after the first purchase is complete.


Base robot configuration is $5,000 and includes 1x single-channel pipette. Select up to two pipettes that you would like configured with the OT-2. Additional pipettes can be purchased separately and swapped on the robot.

  • Flexible: automate hundreds of protocols and workflows
  • Accurate: dispense 1uL into 384 well-plates
  • Fast: fill a 96-well plate in 22 seconds
  • User-friendly: graphical interface to design protocols
  • Open: compatible with your current tips and labware


Compact Footprint
63cm x 57cm x 66cm / 25 in x 22.5in x 26in (W,D,H).
Takes up half of your standard lab bench

Pipette Configurations
Single and multi-channel pipetting. 2-pipette mounts, for a configuration of 1 or 2 single or 8-channel pipettes. Pipettes are easily interchangeable.

Pipette volumes and specs 
Single channel: 1-1000 µl
8-channel: 1-300 µl
OT-2 GEN2 Single Pipettes
Whitepaper: OT-2 GEN1 Multichannel Pipettes

# of deck slots
11 deck slots enable countless configurations. Deck slots are compatible with standard SBS dimensions. Deck also includes a removable trash bin.  

WiFi 2.4 GHz IEEE 802.11b/g/n, USB 2.0. Learn more.

40kg or 88lb

Video & Audio
Integrated video camera and audio system included for future or custom functionality

Power Requirements
100-240 VAC / 50-60 Hz
220 W MAX

Frame Composition
Rigid steel and CNC aluminum design

Operating Temperature & Relative Humidity
Recommended 20-24C. Recommended 40-60% RH. Learn more.

Fills a 96-well plate in 22 seconds. View Plate Fill Run Time.

Full polycarbonate enclosure designed to limit exposure. The OT-2 is not a sterile environment. Add your own UV lights, or the Opentrons HEPA Module (coming in 2020)

Plate Type Compatibility
Use 96 or 384 well plates. Use 96-well plates for optimal deck compatibility & touch tips. Compatible with up to 384-well plates.

API Compatibility
Interfaces with any product that has an API. 
Opentrons software is open-source and users can make adjustments to the software as needed to interface with other products. While all integrations are possible, they all require custom code work i.e. most customers will need to write custom libraries and install software packages that aren't shipped with the robot. Learn more.

Windows 10, macOS 10.10 or later, Ubuntu 12.04 or later. View the Opentrons App

Tip Compatibility
Use Opentrons Tips and Opentrons Filter Tips. Opentrons guarantees the performance of Opentrons Tips which were designed specifically for the OT-2. For customers willing to accept potentially lower performance, 3rd party universal tips can be used as well. 

Labware Compatibility
Use common labware already in our Labware Library, or add your own. If your labware fits on the OT-2 but is not in the Labware Library, it can be added by you using our Labware Creator, or by our team. Learn more.

One year warranty against manufacturer defects. Stress tested to last a minimum of 3 years of full-time use

Return Policy
60 day, 100% risk free. Learn more.

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